About Me

My name is Yessy and I am 27-year old Cubombian (half Cuban, half Colombian) who works at an Advertising Agency and pours out her heart and soul while writing (almost every evening). Twenty-seven may seem young but I’ve been through a lot and have seen a lot.

Those who know me would describe me as affectionate, loving, understanding, persistent, opinionated, silly, witty and very child-like. A few of my interests include: indie folk music, cats, social/cultural documentaries, horror films, comedies, comedians, travel, ethnic foods, fashion/style, helping others, listening, hugs, working out and bubble baths with a good book.

I’m a survivor of child abuse, dating abuse, not affirming my boundaries with individuals, blaming myself way too harshly, thinking I’m less than others, feeling I deserve anything less than the full lot in life and committing the ever-violent act of comparison.

I hope to bring inspiration to those who may feel the same and feel alone in their internal struggle. Read along with me as I journey through the seemingly revolving door of self discovery. I’ll be focusing my time and energy into forgiving the past and bringing peace into my heart. I’m so excited but so nervous about the raw emotions I might encounter. The ones that I’ve tried so desperately to stuff way down deep inside. You’ll see me reach out to friends for advice, asking them how they overcame their biggest obstacles, and their most important life lessons learned.

I know I may not be the best writer but I write from the heart and would appreciate any feedback so that I can improve! Thank you!10624598_10100517640158852_837171466185586357_n


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