What Led Me To Start a Blog?

As I start to think about what led me to write this blog, so many possible answers come to mind: my upbringing, my education, my professors, my friendships, my relationships, my experiences.

The response is a culmination of all those things and more, but what drove me more than anything to start this blog was that for years I have lived (and still live) with a lot of fear and anxiety about life. You know that overwhelmingly loud voice in your head, which doesn’t stop analyzing, thinking, planning, or doing? Well, I used to think it was all part of everyday life and that ‘one day’ it would magically stop and I would just feel better. That somehow, some outside force was going to finally bring me the peace of mind I’ve always dreamt about.

I know now that that could not be further from the truth.

What I didn’t know and I learned rather abruptly in Summer 2014, is that if you don’t sort through those thoughts and really listen to yourself, you could end up jobless, leaving a relationship, your apartment, your city, your friends and moving nearly 400 miles away to move back in with your parents all in just a matter of weeks and having to start over. (Well, that was my experience).

Although I see all of this change as a blessing and as part of God’s plan for my life, it has not been an easy transition. This experience has taught me invaluable lessons, which I wish to share with you.

I’ll write about my experiences, share the teachings of great poets, authors, speakers, spiritual leaders, and solicit advice from friends, family and every day people I meet.

My hope is that this blog will inspire you to search for your own truth.


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